TaraNG - 19.1

The hands-on experience for pedagogical learning. First of it's kind!
Interactive simulation based solution with hardware integration.

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July 16, 2019

We have presented the business idea in international startup event at Kuala Lampur and won two medals for India.

Nov 20, 2019

We emonstrated "How TaraNG-19.0 is making impact in simulation approach". We are plased to hear and receive feedback from dignatories of IEEE community.

Nov 15, 2019

Dipole antenna through simulation in 2 minutes! Design, Simulate and explain dipole antenna in just two minutes with the help of iteractive visialization.

Interactive Visualization

When teaching electromagnetics, we like to vizualise rather than only explain. And TaraNG is great at that. Perform simulation and see analysed results with explainatoty visualization. The software supports all required 2D and 3D plotting options like field contour, cutplanes, vectors field quiver, flux lines. Even your multidimensional data can be exported in different formats suitable for report generation.

Hardware Integration

It converts your laptop into experimental laboratory. The portable low frequency hardware functioning as measurement equipment equivalent to function generator and CRO and can be interfaced with the software through USB. The software user interface offers measurement visualization and displays for multiple plots in real time.


Outcome based Education

TaraNG offers four unique modes of operations which are essential for coolabrative and interactive learning. After teaching a particular concept teacher can monitor the outcome. We believe that this mechanism should proven to improve the learning process and take active participation and involvement of the student.

Complete Classroom Solution

Start with a vision before starting lesson design. Create lessons with interactive simulation models. Generate own widgets, conduct analyses and develop hands-on experience for classroom. Create assignments, manage submissions and evaluate performance of class to monitor the outcome (PO). Take action and move to the next concept or lesson.

Teachers and Students Love It

Software allows for teachers to add their own contents that results in modifying the front-end of software as per teacher’s requirement. Being validated at IIT Mumbai, we received encouraging positive feedback from universities and in professionals across the country, TaraNG supports hands-on training and making interactive contents of concepts from electromagnetics. There are even widgets that were especially designed for teaching.

George E. Ponchak, Ph.D., IEEE
Senior Research Engineer
NASA Glenn Research Center, USA

"The program is very easy to use and intuitive for teaching or visualizing pracical cocepts of Radio Freuency and Microwave Engineering, from undergrad students to expert researchers. I wish all the best to team NUMEREGION and hope to see the product will follow world class standards."

Prof. Girish Kumar, Ph.D.
Department of Electrical Enginnering
Indian Institute of Technology, Mumbai

"The undergraduate engineering studies is in need of tools that allow easy construction of simulation models and visualizations and are capable of implementation in classroom teaching. TaraNG is a powerful yet simplified platform tomake the learning experience effective."

Dr. Kumar Vaibhav Srivastava
Department of Electrical Enginnering
Indian Institute of Technology, Kanpur

"TaraNG is a tool that I was looking for to offer best learning experience during my class. It will be great substitute for the powerpoint slides. It provides a clear and interactive visualization for the complex theories. The platform also provides possibility to add own functionality, widgets and teaching material and suits for the course requirement. TaraNG allows me to do all these things even though I don’t need to write the code."